Ventilation System

Ventilation Systems

If you have exhaust fans running in your buildings to remove smoke fumes and contaminated air but do not have a make-up air system to replenish, you have a negative air pressure condition. This has a direct impact on the overall health and well being of your valued customers and staff a heatless ventilation system can make all the difference.

With The Air Mech System you will be increasing the air quality for your most important resources while saving money.

Negative air pressure causes:

  • Drafts at the floor level
  • Back drafting down furnace stacks
  • Exhaust fans to operate inefficiently

Get Positive with The Air Mech Heatless Air System

  • Eliminate Negative Air Pressure
  • Assist In Summer Cooling
  • Save Money Through the Seasons

More About Quietaire™ Ventilation Systems


Makes use of Heat at Ceiling Level. Fresh make-up air is forced into the building through a distribution duct that blends the cool outside air with the heat that naturally accumulates at the ceiling. Therefore, the stratified heat usually lost through the roof and upper walls is saved and reused.

Uses Process Heat As Well As the Building’s Heating Systems The ITV-CTV will mix the fresh make-up air with the process heat that normally accumulates and distribute it to the other areas.

Eliminated Dead Air Spot Dead air spots are eliminated by distributing fresh make-up air evenly throughout the building.

Assists in Summer Cooling The ITV-CTV introduces outside air at high velocity to help with summer cooling. This is done by positioning the ITV-CTV duct to distribute the cool outside air downward without disturbing the stratified heat at the ceiling



When the ITV-CTV is turned on, the damper opens and air is drawn through the shutters and forced into the tube. After the tube is inflated, air is discharged out the holes at high velocity. This high velocity causes turbulence, which in turn causes the outside air to mix with the stratified waste heat at the ceiling.

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